17th September Recent acquisitions and bourse
1st October Ted Evans Dunkirk
15th October Julian Tweed Great Britain Express Mail
29th October Ken Knight Egypt III
12th November Members Afternoon Something beginning with A
26th November David Moss Czech Miscellany
10th December
Christmas Meeting
7th January Pat Campbell GB Instruction Marks
21st January Susan Crewe British PO's in China
4th February Members Afternoon: Sidelines
18th February Phillip Longbottom 19th Cntury Ottoman Turkey
4th March Peter Rooke Things that just don't fit
18th March Mike Buchanan Mike's Miscellany
1st April Duncan Crewe Fun with First Flights
15th April Competition Maximum 16 sheets
29th April Yvonne Wheatly Railways
13th May Stephen Parkin Tommy Wilcox Display Edward VIII
3rd June AGM
10th June Society Lunch