28th September Graham Macpherson GB Arms Issues 1939-55 Part 2
12th October David Moss President's Display
26th October Society Auction
9th November

Visit from Rochdale PS

23rd November

Michael Chapling Summer Olympics

7th December
Christmas Meeting
18th January

JTed Evans Brunel's 3 Ships

Ray Oates A Miscellany

1st February

Peter Williams New Zealand

15th February

Alan Slater Apspects of Nicaragua

29th February Duncan Crewe Croydon and Europe
14th March Ricahrd Stock Early Queen Elizabeth stamps
4th April Jack Levin The Attic Revisited
18th April

Competition (Max.16 sheets per entry)

9th May

Members afternoon Islands

16th May Susan Crewe Hong Kong George VI
6th June Terry Hare-Walker World War I Mesopotamia
13th June AGM
27th June Society Lunch