16th September Recent acquisitions
30th September
Jack Levin Further attic finds
14th October
Tommy Wilcox Memorial display
Richard Stock African Campaign mail
28th October Peter Pugh Transiberian Railway
11th November

Competition  16 sheets maximum

25th November

Steve Ellis French Maritime mail

9rd December
Christmas Meeting
6th January Members meeting: something beginning with "L"
20th January Duncan Crewe Flat rates and All Up schemes
3rd February

David Moss Czechslovakia and the War

17th February Alan Slater Wirral Postal History
3rd March Peter brooke Napoleonic Wars
17th March Peeter Hinitt Finland
31st March Max Smith India by sea
14th April

Susan Crewe Kowloon

28th April

Ray Oates Revenue protection

13th May Members meeting Officials
2nd June AGM 
16th June Lunch