10th September Recent acquisitions and Bourse
24th September
Members afternoon Jubilees
8th October
Tommy Wilcox Memorial display
Mike Roberts Falklands
22nd October Peter Lindsay British internal airmails
5th November

Competition  16 sheets maximum

14th November

Peter Kirk Pitcairn

3rd December
Susan Crewe Hong Kong Queen Victoria
17th December Christmas Meeting
7th January Duncan Crewe Empire Connections
21st January Susan Crewe Hong Kong miscellany
4th February

Presidents Afternoon

David Moss French Guinea

18th February Andrew Francis Germany 1933-1945
4th March Visit from Chester PS
18th March Alan Slater Nicaragua
8th April Brian Lythgoe Isles of Silly
22nd April

Brian Hymer 1932 Zeppelin flights

13th May

Memebrs afternoon  Fill a frame

3rd June Society Lunch
17th June AGM