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4th September Members evening
18th September Wilcox meeting: Max Smith RPSL Indian Native States
1 2nd October Members evening - new acquisitions
16th October Peter Williams: Postage Dues
30th October The Secretary entertains
13th November Presidents Evening
27th November John Howard: Isle of Man Post Independence.
11th December Christmas meeting

15th January Graham Cup Competition
29th January Jack Levin: What's in it this time?
12th February Richard Beith Postal History of the Free Czech forces in Western Europe 1939-1945.
26th February Geoffrey Robinson: Denmark
12th March Ray Oates and Peter Williams: A thematic duet
26th March Members evening: Something beginning with E
9th April To be confrimed
30 April To be confrimed
21st May Europe as a theme
11th June Members evening
25th June AGM

10th September Members evening
17th September Wilcox meeting

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