Welcome to the Liverpool and Merseyside Philatelic Society

The Liverpool Philatelic Society is one of the oldest Philatelic Societies in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1888, it has held meetings without interruption serving Philatelists in the City of Liverpool. Devoted to the study, research and dissemination of the knowledge of Philately, its members have a wide range of collecting and research interests.

In 2003, it merged with the Merseyside Philatelic Society and its new status will ensure it continues to serve the needs of Philatelists for many years to come.

view of William Brown Street

A view of William Brown Street, Liverpool in the late 1940's. The Society formally held meetings in the William Brown Library which is within the fine civic buildings that can be seen in their pre-cleaned state on the photo. They house the Museum, Library and Walker Art Gallery. Serious damage was done to the buildings in wartime bombing and the library has now reopened after an extensive rebuilding to rectify the wartime damage. Also note the booths for toll collection for the Kingsway Mersey Tunnel at the lower left of the image.